Evolving towards a cleaner, greener industry

Cruelty Free For The Future

The world woke up to the inhumane conditions of sweatshops and worked together to eliminate it. Now, the world must awaken to the terrifying realities of the animal fur and skin trade.

Procuring skin and hair from animals is a bloody and tortious act of cruelty. Over one billion animals yearly are ritually tortured and killed simply for their skin or hair to be worn for the vanity of humans, according to one report by the United Nations. An item of clothing that an animal was brutally stripped of their body parts for, can be easily tossed aside when a cup of coffee is spilled on it.



Although wool, angora, and down seem harmless, harvesting these animal products involves immense cruelty to the animals. Angora and down is harvested by tearing the feathers and hair from the live animal, on a repeated basis for the duration of their innocent lives. Held captive to be tortured, needs change that begins here.