Shop Vegan Style Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign to End Animal Cruelty


Seattle, WA, June 6, 2019 –(– The Shop Vegan Style cruelty free shopping network and marketplace was created to revolutionize the world of fashion and home decor. Billions of gentle animals are senselessly tortured and slaughtered yearly for the wool, leather, suede, angora, cashmere and sheepskins consumers demand. Shop Vegan Style was created to bring clean materials to the forefront of consumer choice; rather than a sidelined alternative.

Most designers and manufacturers are not aware that the animals used are crippled and defenseless in small cages waiting for death. Just as sweat shops became an issue of global importance, now the world must face the horrors of the animal cruelty industry.

Vegan leathers today are indistinguishable from animal leather. Textiles have come a long way. Wool, down, angora, and cashmere also have clean alternatives that do not involve tearing the hair from the animal’s body, maiming it into passivity; or killing and skinning it while the heart is still beating. 

Shop Vegan Style is a global retail marketplace of cruelty free fashion and furniture for the salvation of animals and the environment. With 50 participating affiliate retail partners and brands in USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia; and websites in development for France and Asia, it is a global mission to influence consumers to choose cruelty free fashion with compassion.

The Kickstarter Campaign beginning Early June 2019 is to raise much needed funds for domains and webhosting up for renewal, and the development of a vegan women’s handbag line under the label: Vegan Style Collection. Depending upon the success of the fundraising efforts, additional vegan fashion collections for men and women will follow. Enjoy the prestige of being a 2019/2020 Sponsor of the future of fashion. Learn more at the Kickstarter fundraising page.

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