Shop Vegan Style Launches Cruelty Free Shopping Platform with Over 30 Retail Partners


Seattle, WA, April 29, 2019 –(– Shop Vegan Style brings cruelty free to the mainstream through the shopping platform at With over 30 current retail partners participating and more being added, ShopVeganStyle plans to bring cruelty free goods to the forefront of the retail industry.

“The goal of Shop Vegan Style is to create an awareness of the importance of cruelty free goods, grow the market demand, and be able to deliver solutions to the problem. We hope over time, the demand for cruelty free fashion and furniture will become the new standard of excellence, while reducing the interest in goods made with animal products,” according to the website founder, Khanh Vu.

Shop Vegan Style is working to build a powerful brand that gives consumers the choice to create a cruelty free lifestyle in a fashionable and affordable way. The retail partners are established brands in their own right, and partnering with them to create a cruelty free marketplace where anyone can furnish their homes and update their wardrobe and accessories is an exciting concept. The categories include men, women, baby and home.

Designers, retailers and shoppers alike are gravitating towards cruelty free and animal friendly fashion for environmental reasons as well as compassion for enslaved animals. Many people do not think about cruelty free furniture, which is why Shop Vegan Style has added partners who carry stylish furniture and bedding selections free from animal skin, fur and down.

Leather, suede, down and sheepskin are equally as harmful as fur. More people are becoming outraged by this fact and soon, animal skin and hair products will be considered as taboo as fur. Harvesting animal products are extremely tortious acts of cruelty rendered for the vanity of humans. There is no purpose in it other than purely sadistic reasons.

For the luxury shopper, Shop Vegan Style is partnered with Vegan-Mode ( Vegan-Mode is a cruelty free luxury platform featuring high fashion selections from top designers in men, women, babies, furniture, and decor.

About the Company. The hard work of many innovative designers has allowed and Shop Vegan Style to exhibit brilliance in design and thoughtfulness for the value and fragility of life. The websites are independently owned and operated, and have carefully edited their selections to ensure the items showcased contain no animal hide, animal fur, angora, cashmere, down, silk, or wool.

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